Sóller lemon and orange liqueur

We have been working on this project since the summer of 2021, testing different recipes. Today, each bottle is the highlight of the heritage of a Mallorcan village and of our work philosophy. Our common point is to reveal this unique terroir planted with lemon and orange trees, and to obtain all the flavours and balances we expected. We have taken care of all the details; firstly, the selection of lemons and oranges and the quality of the peels, secondly, the duration of the maceration in organic alcohol and thirdly, the proportionate blend of organic sugar and water.

In addition to the know-how, each bottle tells a story and pays tribute to the previous generations who have worked hard to grow citrus fruits and market them in France by ship over the past centuries. With the typical choice of bottle and label we wanted it to be recognisable to any wine lover. Our brand Licores de Mallorca has its own, well identified spirit. The three of us, with our love for liqueurs, give priority to quality over quantity, to awaken in you the desire, curiosity and pleasure of tasting our Llimoncello and Taroncello de Mallorca.