Once upon a time...
Valéry, Luc and Joachim
Joachim, Valéry y Luc

In the heart of a valley full of lemon and orange trees, in Sóller, on the island of Mallorca, three friends met in a garden to taste a Limoncello made by one of them. That day the idea of making an authentic, handmade and organic Limoncello was born.

Joachim, Luc and Valéry, surrounded by this everyday landscape of lemon fields, had naturally found the roots of their project in the history of Sóller itself.

The valley is probably one of the most beautiful in Mallorca, because it is unique. Rich in olive, lemon and orange trees, it is located in the northwest of the island, between the sea and the mountains, in the heart of the Serra Tramuntana, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The lemon plantations are magnificent thanks to the abundance of water from the Serra Tramuntana, the Mediterranean sun and the wind from the sea. Known for their deliciously scented and aromatically exceptional organoleptic quality, lemons are harvested when fully ripe.

The first citrus fruits arrived in Sóller more than 600 years ago, in the holds of Arab ships. Its cultivation transformed not only the landscape but also the economy of the valley. For centuries, Sóller has been a fertile and virgin corner of the Serra de Tramuntana, where the cultivation and quality of citrus fruits have contributed to the economic development of the region. Its history is also deeply linked to France: in fact, many lemons left the Port of Sóller directly for Port-Vendres, Sète, Aigues-Mortes or Marseille; first in sailing boats (llaúts) and then, from the beginning of the 20th century, in steamers that also transported oranges, olive oil, figs, almonds and wine.

The different crops in the valley allow the production of high-quality local products, such as ice creams, jams, vinegars, perfumes, soaps, virgin olive oil... An organic limoncello created in Sóller was missing: it was born in the heart of this valley.