About us
Sóller lemon and orange liqueur

Joaquín is an artisan distiller and producer of organic essential oils in Sóller. Some of our organic lemons and oranges come from his small farm, owned by his wife for several generations.

Lluc has Mallorcan origins, memories of summers as a child and a strong sense of belonging to this culture, this land and these people. For him, participating in a project to promote oranges and lemons from the Sóller valley was an obvious choice, probably even a long-standing dream? The project has matured, taken shape and we can be proud of the proposed products (Llimoncello and Taroncello) which, in one sip, will make you love and feel the happiness (and sweetness) that reigns in this valley.

Valéry, more than seven years ago Valéry fell in love with Soller, this village located between the Tramuntana and the sea. He had already been passionate about wine for more than 25 years, since he had created a wine distribution agency in Paris to advise and supply wine to the Parisian haute cuisine, including some Mallorcan wines. He only needed to see these lemon and orange groves to try home-made Limoncello and Taroncello recipes and to give birth to the project that today unites the three of us.