“In the heart of a valley full of lemon and orange trees, in Sóller, on the island of Mallorca, three friends met in a garden to taste a Limoncello made by one of them. That day, the idea of making an authentic, artisanal and organic Limoncello was born.” 

Valery, Lluc and Joaquín
licor de limones y naranjas de sóller
LLIMONCELLO y taroncello
de mallorca
No dyes, no additives...
Handmade manufacturing in Mallorca.
Majorcan citrus
With organic lemons and oranges from Sóller
100% Ecological
European organic certification
About the ingredients, the manufacturing…
The price allows us to remunerate our work as well as the work of our suppliers and the stores that sell our products.
about us

When three friends living in Sóller, Valery, Lluc and Joaquín, met to share good times, they said that one day they would create liqueurs from the lemons and oranges around them...

The idea took shape between Valery, an expert in wines and liqueurs, Lluc, a native of Soller, and Joaquín, producers of organic citrus fruit. After a year of reflection and work, the project was finally born and we launched the first organic citrus liqueurs produced in the Balearic Islands...


Apart from the pleasure of sharing our homemade Llimencello and Taroncello, they could not have been created without the will and friendship of three friends, Valery, Lluc and Joaquín, who are very attached to Mallorca, to their island, to Soller and its history. For years we have been saddened to see that many lemons and oranges fall at the foot of the lemon and orange trees, without being picked. So we thought of taking advantage of this quality raw material to create a 100% natural and organic liqueur, made in Mallorca, with these organic lemons and oranges from Sóller, which come from Joaquín's orchard on the one hand and from an organic farm in Sóller on the other.


Our Llimoncello, born in Sóller, should be drunk cold, very cold, preferably after keeping it in a cool place between 0 and 5 degrees. It can be enjoyed as an aperitif with crushed ice, as a cocktail or at the end of a meal as a digestive. It is not uncommon to enjoy it as an accompaniment to ensaimadas or a lemon dessert. It is also perfect for flavouring a fresh fruit salad, sorbet, cakes and, of course, according to your creative and original recipes!

To the eye, its colour ranges from deep yellow to orange. On the palate, its lemony notes cover the mouth, supported by accents of bitter and sweet zest. The alcoholic support is not very marked, although it is 30 proof. What we remember is that lemon sweetness, with fruity and delicate notes, covering the palate with a citrus freshness.


There is always time for a coktail …

Aperitif and digestif

As an aperitif or digestif, the unique flavours of our Llimoncello are revealed.
The method is simple: put crushed ice in a glass and add 3 cl of Llimoncello, and enjoy.

Sóller Spritz

Verter 4 cl de Taroncello, 10 cl de Cava y 5 cl de tonica frescos en un vaso o en una copa de pie.
Para decorar, añadir media rodaja de naranja.

Llimoncello tonica

Pour 4 cl of llimoncello into a glass over ice cubes and add 10 cl of tonica.

Llimoncello and Gin

A perfect summer cocktail. In a glass, place a few ice cubes, pour 2 cl of Llimoncello, 2 cl of gin and 10 cl of tonic.


In a champagne glass, pour over the ice cubes a splash of orange juice, 2 cl of Taroncello and 10 cl of cava.

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